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Frequently Super Tip of the Day Asked Questions

  1. What is STD?

    STD stands for Super Tip of the Day

  2. What can I expect from STD?

    STD will give you access to our top soccer statistical predictions for the day

  3. How many predictions do you give on STD?

    We do provide our top soccer predictions for the day on STD. If a game statistics is not of high probability (<85%), we will not send signal for the day.

  4. How can I register for STD?

    Scroll to the top of this page and follow the steps explained

  5. What mode of payment do you accept?

    Paypal processes all STD payments. Creating paypal is free and it is available in over 200 countries.

  6. Where do I see predictions if I register?

    All predictions will be sent to our telegram group chats where you will be included after subscribing.

  7. Are your predictions 100% guaranteed

    No, our predictions are not 100% guaranteed. We do not have control over what happens in the game of soccer. Red cards, injuries, fatigues, wrong officiating, can alter the outcome of the game of soccer. What we can guarantee is that our subscribers are 100% satisfied.


Past soccer predictions results are not guarantee of future soccer predictions